James Madison Middle School - A community of involved citizens that empowers all students and prepares them for success in a changing world!

General Info

ATTENDANCE LINE: 541-790-4343

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00am-4:00pm

CLASSES: 9:00am-3:35pm

(Early Release every Friday at 2:35pm)

PHONE: 541-790-4300  FAX: 541-790-4320

Volunteers & Visitors

4J schools use a school sign-in program called HelpCounter. All volunteers and visitors must sign in on a computer at our front counter. You can also go to this site on your own computer and sign up to volunteer and/or fill out your volunteer paperwork. Click on this link if you would like to update your info or fill out the volunteer forms: http://helpcounter.net/eugene

Track is Starting Soon

Track practice will start on Monday, Mar. 9! Track packets will be available starting next week sometime. All students must have a valid physical (no more than two years old on May 15, 2020) on file, to participate in track. If you are unsure if your student needs a physical, check with Mary in the office. Here is a link to the promo video, and it’s quite entertaining! FUN TRACK PROMO


Hey Madison families, just a reminder: please drive slowly when picking up or dropping off your students! Our Wilkes Dr. crosswalks are becoming quite dangerous for students, as some parents are zooming through them and not stopping to let students cross. The speed limit is 20 mph during pick up and drop off times, so please slow down and stop for students waiting to cross. Thanks everyone!

8th Grade Parents!

Hello 8th grade parents!  Madison Middle School invites you to an important presentation on classes your student can take in high school. Learn about opportunities, electives, and Career and Technical and IB pathways at North Eugene High School. Learn how to help guide your student and get your questions answered. North staff will present to us NEXT MONDAYJANUARY 13TH, 6-7PM, AT MADISON in the cafeteria.  Contact Mr. Barsotti for more information.  We really hope you can make it!

All School Field Trip!!

On Monday, Dec. 16, all Madison students will be traveling by bus to Matthew Knight arena to watch the #1 ranked Oregon women’s basketball team play! This is a rare opportunity for students and staff, and everyone is excited. Per our recent message sent out, here is the link to fill out the permission form online: Click here to fill out Dec. 16 permission form! This form can even be filled out right on your phone. Please fill this out ASAP. We will be sending paper forms home after the Thanksgiving break, but our preference is that parents will fill out the online form if possible! If you would like to chaperone (parents will be driving their own cars to the arena and staff will ride the buses with students), message Audrey at 541-790-4339 or wiltz_a@4j.lane.edu.

Parent Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences (arena style) are this week! On Nov. 6, parents can come from 5-8 p.m., to meet with teachers in the large gym. Conferences have a 10 minute time limit, so we can serve more parents. Teachers will also be available on Thurs., Nov. 7, from 8:00 a.m.-noon, and these will be the same (arena style, 10 minute limit), only they will be in the classroom commons! If you feel you have an issue which could take longer, you may schedule a private conference at a later time. The following teachers will only be available for the Weds. P.M. conferences: Jan Youngman, Jessica Johnson, Katie Bushnell, and Michael Kresko.

Student Walkout Demonstration

STUDENT WALKOUT DEMONSTRATIONS: Eugene has a rich history of politically active and civically engaged youth. As a district, we respect students’ voices and encourage them to be informed and engaged members of our community. Thanks to this history, our district has an established and consistent nonpunitive response to student walkout demonstrations, regardless of the purpose or the viewpoints being expressed:

4J schools do not organize or endorse walkouts or other demonstrations that disrupt the learning environment. However, students are not prevented from leaving their high school or middle school. (Elementary students must always be signed out by their parent to leave school.) Students’ attendance is recorded accurately with an unexcused absence, as it would be if they chose to be absent for other reasons. Although in rare cases some students have engaged in misbehavior that warranted discipline, there are no school-based disciplinary consequences for simply participating in a peaceful walkout protest.

This is 4J’s practice for all student walkouts and skip days, regardless of the topic or viewpoint. We are proud of the responsible and respectful conduct shown by most students participating in demonstrations in the past, and we expect such conduct to continue in future events such as the Global Climate Strike some students may participate in on Friday.