Food Drive

Next week we will kick off our holiday food drive! The goal of this food drive is to collect staple groceries that will support Madison families over winter break. Food collection will be run through Focus classes. FoodDriveFlyer!

Thanksgiving Food Boxes

Need some help for Thanksgiving? Please complete this form if your family would benefit from a Thanksgiving dinner box. Boxes are assembled by local churches and contain everything you need for Thanksgiving dinner! Boxes will be available at Madison Middle School on Tuesday, Nov. 23 between 10am…

Mission Statement

At Madison Middle School, all students take language arts, social studies, math, science, PE and health. Madison is a proficiency-based teaching and learning school. This means students are assessed using clear standards and learning targets with multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate their understanding. Madison offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities. We are a strong AVID school.

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